Rogue DNA 4020 Entry/Exit Stamp Printer

The introduction of ePassports has led to both a problem and an opportunity. The problem is that lab tests have shown that repeated hitting with a traditional handheld entry/exit stamp can fracture the connection between the chip and aerial. The opportunity is that by making the stamp printing an integral part of the border control system, a number of new security tracking capabilities become available.

The Rogue DNA 4020 entry/exit stamp printer overcomes the electro-conductive glue-breaking problem, and opens up the opportunity for improved visitor tracking. Designed to be used by individual immigration officers, the design of the 4020 recognizes the scarcity of space on the officer's desk by occupying the smallest possible footprint - just 7" x 7" (180mm x 180mm). Use of an Inkjet print mechanism provides a non-impact approach which protects the chip. Because printing the stamp is an integral part of the system, an accurate record is maintained of date and time of entry/exit, the officer in charge, and any other information that could be of benefit in the future. Selected details can be combined, encrypted, and printed back on the passport as part of the stamp. This enables tampered stamps to be detected and complete record details to be subsequently recovered by entering the encrypted string. Security inks can be combined with the visible ink to add further security to the stamp.

Printing entry/exit stamps is an unusual application in that it involves printing on a document which may already have been randomly printed on. The 4020 system includes a software program which allows the officer to select the location and orientation of the stamp.

The 4020 is the smallest passport stamp printer available. With a footprint of 7" x 7" (180mm x 180mm), it minimizes the space required on an immigration officer's desk. Key features are as follows:

ο The world’s smallest ePassport scanners

ο Semi-automatic self-loading feed mechanism ensures easy passport loading

ο LED's indicate modes of operation, paper situation, ink conditions, and printer status

ο USB 2.0 interface

ο One-button setup configuration makes installation straightforward

ο UV ink can be added to the selected colour to increase security further

ο Cartridges can be locked to the user


The 4020 is part of the Rogue DNA 4100 Series of specialist printers. The 4110 and 4130 booklet printers are front-loading units designed to print passports and visas in multiple inks, including UV and IR. The 4130 incorporates a camera/scanner which automates this process by positioning the content against a predefined template, and checking the UV content after printing.

Both the 4110 and 4130 are designed for desktop use

Rogue DNA printers are part of a suite of border control products which include the smallest passport scanners in the world, the brightest UV lights in the world, customized enrolment kiosks, automated border control gates (eGates), and complete consular passport/visa printing systems.


The 4040 is a highly compact yet high quality printer. Specifically designed to print entry and exit stamp in-book, a passport is fed in via a front-loading feeder tray. When fully ejected the tray opens so that it can accept a passport thickness of 1cm. When the insert button is pressed, sensors detect that the passport is correctly positioned and the tray is drawn into the printer where a second set of sensors ensure that it's precisely in place prior to printing. The printer includes an optional software application which allows the immigration officer to select a clear area on the page where the stamp is to be printed.

The 4040 incorporates two cartridge slots. As each cartridge can include up to three compartments this offers sufficient space for security inks as well as a full range of visible inks.

Rogue DNA 4040 Entry/Exit Stamp Printer

Print options include the ability to use security inks (including ultra-violet) in addition to visible colours. Two separate UV inks can be printed simultaneously if required. This conforms to ICAO standards. The feeder tray has been designed to accommodate a thickness of over 100 pages so an entry/exit stamp can be printed on any page. The time to print a stamp depends on resolution but can take a few seconds. Once the page has been printed the tray and booklet are ejected. Rogue DNA can provide an optional external UV light to illuminate the booklet so that a visual check can be made that the UV content has been printed correctly. The printer has a USB-2 connection and can be connected via a PC to a Passport Reader. In this combination basic data can be automatically copied from a previous passport or ID document. Printing is only possible after successful verification of the traveler's previous document or legally issued application form.

The 4040 has a straightforward control pad incorporating tray control buttons and indicator lights. The casing itself is made of metal for heavy duty use.