Rogue DNA 6320 Scanner

The revolutionary Rogue DNA 6300 Series full page scanner is designed to read and authenticate paper documents such as passports, visas, work permits, entitlement documents, cheques, bank drafts, ID cards, bank cards, driverís licenses, entitlement cards, etc.

When used for passports the 6320 is fully ICAO ePassport compliant. However in addition it offers the option to authenticate individual passports and detect counterfeits to a level thatís a quantum leap beyond anything else available on the market. This capability can be used in two modes Ė in the case of a countryís own passports it can confirm that the material and the content have not been changed since the passport was issued, while in the case of foreign passports it can confirm that the reflectance characteristics of the paper, inks, and other features from the country in question are within the countryís own standards. Rogue DNAís partnership with Netherlands-based Keesing Reference Systems adds to our ability to authenticate passports from countries around the world.

The authentication capability works as follows. The document is scanned and parsed into its different information areas. In the case of a passport these could be Passport Number, MRZ, photo, expiry date, etc. The system captures a high-resolution image of each and then processes each image as appropriate to extract its data. Information to be used by external applications is exported, while data to be used within the RDNA application to authenticate the document itself is encoded into a digital string, or DNA. This is compared with the DNA string generated when the document was originally produced and which was saved either on a central server or recorded back on the document on the chip or as a 2-D barcode. Subject to defined tolerance settings, a Match or Non-Match indicator is fed back to the host application. When a mismatch is detected, the feedback is supported by back-up details illustrating graphically the areas in the document which are suspect.

For any size of document, the 6300 is the smallest page scanner on the market. For example, when used as a passport scanner, its footprint is basically the size of a passport.