Automated Border Control Gate
Rogue DNA Automated Border Control Gate

Rogue DNA 7200 eGate Automated Border Control Gates have been designed to real customer requirements, while being customizable to individual country needs. The components of a gate are generally as follows:

ο A rugged housing unit with automated gate

ο An integrated ePassport reader

ο An optional integrated fingerprint reader

ο Integrated face recognition capability, camera, and lights

ο Optional tailgating detection camera

ο Traveler instruction screen controlled by an integrated client PC

ο Complete software solution

ο Middleware for seamless integration to existing legacy systems

All components meet ICAO standards where appropriate. Other biometrics such as iris recognition can be added if required.

The gate incorporates a Rogue DNA 6320 ePassport reader, which supports both ICAO BAC and EAC standards. In addition to the features of a conventional advanced ePassport reader, the 6320 can incorporate Rogue DNAís unique and patent-pending document authentication technology based on material biometrics. For a countryís own passports this has the optional ability to authenticate the individual piece of material used in the personal details page of each passport. For foreign passports it will authenticate the standard passport features of each country.